Facebook Support – Facebook, the American online social media and social networking company is one of the most used websites today. Headquartered in New York, the website was launched on 4th of February 2004. Today, the website is being accessed by millions of users to connect and communicate with the people all over the world. Not only for the personal use, it is also one of the most effective mediums for the business promotion.

facebook support

Anyone above 13 years of age can start with Facebook. While using this popular social media platform, one may come across several things (Facebook Live Feature, Facebook Video Calling and more) about which he/she may or may not be aware of. To get information about those features and other issues associated with your Facebook account, you can call Facebook customer support number.  A team of expert technicians working at the Facebook support center offers round the clock services to provide an instant solution to all its customers’ queries.

How to create a new Facebook account?

For creating a new Facebook account, follow the below-mentioned steps:

  1. Visit www.facebook.com
  2. Provide the information in the given fields
    1. First Name
    2. Last Name
    3. Mobile Number or Email Address
    4. Password
    5. Date of Birth
    6. Gender
  3. After filling in the information, click Create an Account button
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions such as adding a profile picture and adding bio and other information
  5. It’s all set now!

While creating a new Facebook account, if you face any technical difficulty contact Facebook support number and receive an instant help from a technician.  

How to fix Facebook Password Reset or Recovery Error?

Whether you are new to Facebook or using it for so many years, you might forget your Facebook password. Don’t worry; resetting it won’t take a toll on you. Follow the below-mentioned steps:

  1. Go to www.facebook.com
  2. Click “Forgotten account”
  3. Provide the email address or phone number associated with your Facebook account
  4. You will get an email including the password recovery or reset link
  5. Log in to your email account and search for that email
  6. Click on the password reset link
  7. Provide the new password
  8. Confirm the password by retyping it in the field provided
  9. It’s done!
  10. You can now access your Facebook account by using this new password

After following these steps, if you are still unable to reset the password reach out for the Facebook toll-free number.

How to fix Facebook Account Recovery Error?

If you are unable to recover your Facebook account you once deactivated, then do the following:

  1. Before trying to recover your deactivated Facebook account, make sure you have the access to the email registered with that account
  2. Now, visit Facebook official website
  3. Provide the required details, i.e. email ID/phone number and password (last password you remember)
  4. If it doesn’t accept the same, click Forgotten Password to reset it
  5. Once you login to your deactivated Facebook account, you will be asked to verify it by providing the email ID registered with the account
  6. Facebook will not send a verification email to your account
  7. Log in to that email and click the verification link
  8. You can now use your Facebook account!

How to block a user on Facebook?

If a user annoying or harassing you on Facebook you can simply block him/her by following these instructions:

  1. Log in to your Facebook account and open the account settings
  2. From the Blocking tab available in the left pane
  3. You will now find a “Block Users” with a field       
  4. Enter the name of the user you want to block
  5. Click Block
  6. That user will be longer connected to you and he/she cannot find you on Facebook

How to change the language on Facebook?

Facebook also allows the users to select a language of their choice in their account. For this, follow the below-mentioned instructions:

  1. Visit Facebook website and log in to your Facebook
  2. Under the Account Settings section, choose Language from the left pane
  3. From the options available, you can select the preferred language
  4. Your preferences will be saved automatically

If you have chosen a wrong language (mistakenly, of course) and unable to understand it to change it back then contact Facebook toll-free number now!

How to recover your hacked Facebook account?

You can recover your hacked Facebook account via the following methods:

  • Trusted Contacts

For this, you should have the trusted contacts saved in your account as it is prevention rather than cure.

  • Facebook Hacked Account Page

Visit www.facebook.com/hacked link

Read the information and then click “My Account is Compromised”

Follow the further steps and this will help you recover your account!

If you are still unable to recover your account then call the Facebook support center team and get an instant resolution. The technicians will be glad to assist you!

Possible errors you may face with your Facebook account?

  • Facebook sign in error
  • Facebook sign out error
  • Facebook privacy setting errors
  • Facebook security setting errors
  • Facebook account setting errors
  • Unable to block any Facebook user
  • Facebook account hacking issue
  • Unable to unblock a Facebook user you have blocked earlier
  • Unable to upload your Facebook profile or cover photo
  • Unable to modify your Facebook account privacy settings
  • Unable to delete your Facebook search history
  • Unable to add privacy to your personal pictures and videos
  • Unable to report for an account that has created a Fake profile of yours
  • Unable to access Facebook features
  • Unable to check out your activity log
  • Unable to create a Facebook account
  • Unable to message a Facebook user
  • Unable to send a Friend request to a Facebook user
  • Unable to search a particular Facebook user
  • Unable to create a page on the Facebook
  • Unable to set the privacy shortcuts
  • Unable to hide your contact number from other users
  • Unable to change the language of your Facebook account
  • Unable to block messages from a particular user
  • Not receiving the Facebook notifications for messages, likes, comments or friend requests
  • Unable to use Facebook live feature
  • Unable to add location to a post

Apart from the aforementioned ones, there are several other errors that a beginner or someone using this social media platform for years, can face. To get rid of those errors, all you need to do is give a call at Facebook customer service number. The support number is toll-free and remains active for all day long. Not just for getting the resolution for the Facebook errors, you can also call the Facebook customer support number for receiving assistance on the following:

  • How to create a new Facebook account?
  • How to add or change your mobile phone number on your Facebook account?
  • How to upload a profile or cover picture?
  • How to hide your friend list from other users?
  • How to reset or recover the Facebook account password?
  • How to modify Facebook account settings?
  • How to go live on Facebook?
  • How to create a business page on Facebook?

Facebook Support to fix all the account related errors

Facebook is the topmost social media and social networking company renowned for providing an instant support to its customers. So, whether you are unable to find any particular privacy setting or your account gets hacked, all you have to do is contact Facebook toll-free number and a support executive will be dedicated to you for providing the best solution to your query. Facebook customer services remain active for 24*7; so, whenever you face an issue call the Facebook support team for help.

Your call will get connected to the support center within seconds. Tell your problem to the support executive and he/she will first diagnose the root of the Facebook error you are facing and then fix it using the latest software or tools. So, don’t let any Facebook error trouble you, call the Facebook customer support number today!